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Volunteer Members

Volunteer Members

Safia Swahnaz

Marketing Research Consultant & Clinical Psychologist.Working with PWS-INMOL since 2015. Member of Leukimia committee, rehabilation committee.

Mrs. Naila Ahmed

Senior Librarian at INMOL hospital . Working with PWS-INMOL since 2014. Member of Leukemia committee & Religious therapy committee.Hobby Art &craft.

Dr.Tahira Shahzadi

Working with PWS-INMOL since 2018 FEB . Member of Kitchen committee & Leukemia Committee. GoldAi??Medalist.

Mrs.Samreen Adnan

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House Wife.Working with PWS-INMOL since 2012. Member of Food Stall at Exhibition.

Mrs.Nayyer Ejaz

House Wife . Working with PWS-INMOL since 2008. Member of Rehabilitation committee ,Cousions Designer Committee.

Mrs.Noreen Ahsan

Working with PWS-INMOL since 2015 . Member of Religious therapy committee .