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Case Studies of The Patients

When our patients arrive to seek our help we conduct case studies. This is done to improve our understanding of the case to case scenarios. Conducting case studies helps us to be more empathic, clinical and researched in our approach to helping our patients.
Patients are confused when they arrive and they are in a desperate need to seek comfort. Our highly trained staff ensures that their personal problems are addressed in a befitting manner. We are devoted to ‘listening’ to the problems of our patients and then following a necessary course of action to reduce or eliminate their problems. We also have psychiatrists to help them develop emotional intelligence and to be able to cope with the situation at hand.

Provision of Medicines

Around 90% patients visiting Patients Welfare Society are extremely poor. The cancer treatment is very costly. The middle income family patients get book during treatment. The Patients Welfare Society free medicines to poor patients covering expenses partly. This is great facility to the needy patients.

Pain Killer Medicines

Cancer patients at times experience extreme pain. The healthy persons cannot even imagine the trauma of this pain. The relief needs high potency pain killer medicines which are provided free to the patients.

Leukemia Treatment

Leukemia Affects children between 5 – 18 years of age. We assess the financial resources of the patient’s family. The curable patients are adopted by the members of the society. The society provides 70 – 80% of the treatment.

Recreation Room

Recreation room has been established near the patient ward. The patients are encouraged to go to the recreation room to get together and socialize. There is facility to watch TV and indoor games. Newspapers are provided. Toys for children has been provided. The recreation room enables the patients to get out of depressing atmosphere and boast their morale for speedy recovery.

Religious Therapy

Religious therapy is arranged for boasting their morale in the sickness which demoralizes them to a great extent. In the religious therapy sessions, it is emphasized that health and sickness is from Allah and sickness if faced with patience results in Allah’s happiness and reward in Paradise.

Rehabilitation Unit

This service was initiated in 1999 for the poor and destitute in the society. Families, which are fairly large and not able to support themselves at times when a huge amount of money is to be spent, are entertained in the rehabilitation unit. We nourish the talents of members of such families for sewing, cutting and embroidery etc.
We, at PWS, believe that one must be able to stand on their own feet. We want our patients to be able to solely rely on themselves. In this regard we have initiated this excellent initiative.. It helps in pooling out the resources of the patients to solve their economic problems. The unit contains embroidery, sewing and cutting sections.


Those patients or their attendants who know or want to learn these handicrafts come to this unit. A teacher is there to help and guide them. Women who want to sew clothes are provided with two machines. The idea is to keep the patients busy, help them to learn new and useful skills and then utilize these skills to earn a living.
The project has decided to embroider the clothes which are made, pay labor charges to the person who made it and hold an exhibition once in a year to display these artistic pieces which can help them stand on their feet by initiating businesses at their very homes too.
The service has brought positive results and helped a lot of patients to solve their economic problems.

Diet Facility For The Indoor Patients

There is no budgetary provision of food in the Patients Welfare Society for the patients. The society provides three times free meals to the patients. Special care is taken that the served food is nutritious and hygienically prepared.

Iftar/Sehr In Ramzan And Eid Gifts

Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan. The patients do not have the comforts of home and therefore it is difficult for them to fast. Ifar and Sehr meals are provided to the indoor patients. This initiative was initiated in 2000. Everybody participates in contributing to this from the families of the patients to our generous donors.
Eids are times to rejoice. For the families of the patients it is, however, difficult to do so in the prevailing circumstances. Eid gifts are given to the indoor and outdoor patients so that they may feel happy on the joyous day of Eid and look forward to a brighter and a better future. The Eid gifts include includes clothes, bangles and toys for kids.

Inmol House

Inmol has a facility of 70 beds for indoor patients. However, the number of patients who needs indoor facility is much high, i.e. 100-200. Most of them have no place to stay overnight.  A house near Inmol is being used for overnight stay of patients who cannot be accommodated in Inmol Ward.
The house is named Inmol House voluntarily run by the generous owners of the house. A bed is provided to the patient with an attendant and 3 meals daily. This entire arrangement is free of cost. Inmol ambulance provides pick and drop to these patients. We are looking forward to expanding our facility and hopefully through our hard work and courtesy generous donations we will be able to do so very soon.

Sale Of Used Household Articles Donated By People

A few years ago Inmol Hospital decided to arrange an exhibition of used house hold articles given by people in donations. Since then two such exhibitions have been arranged. Most of the goods found in charity are given to the patients free of cost. Goods which are of no use to the patients are, however sold. This is done to generate funds for PWS. These things include clothes e.g., pants or other clothes which are not worn or needed by the patients, decoration pieces, shoes, sofa covers, tea cozies, movie cameras etc. Things not needed are sold on very low prices and are mostly bought by the lower staff members or other poor people generating funds for PWS. Sometimes, heavily embroidered clothes are also given to the patients so that they can celebrate the marriage ceremony of their beloved joyfully. INMOL is dedicated to help the underprivileged not only get treated at one of the best facilities in the country but also to help them stand on their very own feet. To join this cause you can donate as much as you want to and become our partners in this generous effort.






Our mission at Patient Welfare Society Inmol is to effectively help the poor cancer patients i.e. to help them in their social, psychological, emotional and economical problems.

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